South East Road Race League

Winter Series #5 Result - 10/12/2016 - Cyclopark

4th Category Race

A aggressive race came to life from the first lap with Olly Stevens from Southborough & District Wheelers taking off and holding a 20" lead for nearly 3 laps, causing the bunch to chase, which was making life hard for some of the group.

The bunch was only together for a lap before Richard Pearce tried his luck with a solo attack. A lap later a group of five moved clear containing Olly Stevens, Michael Dowds, Richmond Rogers, Rob parry and Richard Pearce. This group was being hotly chased by Andy keene, Neil Couchman, Chris Proctor and Robert Ross.

After three laps of chasing hard, the lead five finally snapped the elastic and opened up a significant gap with all the riders working well together. Andy Keene lost contact with the chase group, making life even harder for them.

With three laps to go Michael Dowds and Richard pearce lost contact with the front group, but held on to hold their finishing positions. In the gallop for the line, Rob Parry proved strongest to take a well deserved win. 

1st - Rob Parry  -  Crystal palace Triathletes

2nd - Richmond Rogers  -  4T+ Velo

3rd - Olly Stevens  -  Southborough Whleelers

4th - Richard Pearce  -  Paceline RT

5th - Michael Dowds  -  Crystal palace Triathletes

6th - Robert Ross  -  

7th - Neil Couchman  -  Southborough Wheelers

8th - Christopher Proctor  -  Southborough Wheelers

9th - Miles Baker-Clarke  -  Southborough Wheelers

10th - George Whitworth  -  Dulwich Paragon

11th - Christopher Duffy  -  Southborough Wheelers

12th - Omar Malik  - 

13th - Kevin Freeman  - Crystal palace Triathletes

14th - Rob Coniglio  -  Dulwich Paragon

15th - Richard Allen  - Weald Tri Club

2nd / 3rd Category Race

The 2/3 race got off to a more steady start with no significants attacks happening untill lap 5, when Richard Poynter got itchy feet and decided to go solo. Although working hard for two laps to get clear, he never managed more than 7 seconds. upon his return to the bunch, the experience of Keith Henderson and Jed Williamsom took the opportunity to drift off the front. They quickly opened up a 20 second gap before the bunch knew what had happened.

A few brief chases were tried before Tristian Grigalis, James perry and Ian Vagg got together to form a chase trio. A lap later Grigalis decided to leave the other two and set off in pursuit on his own. Two laps of hard chasing later later he made the bridge.

Coming into the finish sprint henderson took it from Williamson, with Perrry getting the better of Vagg for 4th.

1st - keith Henderson  -  Southborough Wheelers

2nd - Jed Williamson  -  Team ASL360

3rd  -  Tristian Grigalis  -   PMR Toachim House

4th - James Perry  -

5th - Ian Vagg  -  4T+ Velo

6th - Lawrence Symes  -  TPH Racing

7th - Stuart Baldwin  - 

8th - Rod Archibald  - 

9th - Richard Poynter  -  

10th - Graeme Garner  - 

11th - John Powell  -  Team ASL360

12th - Valentino Fontano  -  Gemini BC

13th - David Morgan  -  Pretorios Bikes

14th - Simon Halloway - 

15th - St John SeSilva  -  WindyMilla