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South East Road Race League


After much feedback from riders and clubs, SERRL will go back to club affiliation for 2020. This means the league will go back to clubs being responsible for organising the races.                                                                                                                     There will also be an individual affiliation, which will be only for members of affiliated clubs.                                     Benefits of being an affiliated member are:

·         SERRL members will also get free affiliation to the Surrey League.

·         Affiliated riders get a discount (£5.00) on their entry fee to both SERRL & Surrey League races.

·         Affiliated riders get priority entry over non-affiliated riders (non-affiliated riders cannot enter until 21 days before the event)

Club Affiliation

Any club can affiliate to the South East Road Race League provided that:

  • Each club/team promotes  1 event or 2 shared events.
  • Each club/team appoints an Organiser for each event promoted.
  • Each club/team appoints a Club Representative who shall be responsible for the generally liaising between their riders and the League.
  • Each club/team has a member who is an Accredited Marshal or appoints a member to train as an Accredited Marshal.
  • Each club/team has filled out a South East Road Race League or Surrey League club application form.
  • Each club/team pays an affiliation fee of £60.00
  • If a club/team has 3 or more riders riding SERRL or Surrey League events, that club/team must join the League


Individual Rider Affiliation

Any rider can affiliate to the South East Road Race League provided that:

  • Each rider is a member of the British Cycling Federation.
  • Each rider is a member of a SERRL or Surrey League affiliated club/team.
  • Each rider has filled out a SERRL or Surrey league online membership form and joined online.
  • Each rider has supplied the SERRL or Surrey League with a passport-sized photo of him/herself.
  • Each rider has paid the SERRL or Surrey League affiliation fee.

Club Affiliation Form

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How the Club and Individual Affiliation process works

1.       The club affiliates to either SERRL or Surrey League and agrees what event/events they will organise. 

2.       Once the club affiliation has been accepted, Individual members of an affiliated club can then affiliate.

3.       Individuals affiliate through www.riderhq.com by selecting either SERRL or Surrey League (whichever one your club has affiliated to) in the club section at the top of the page.

4.       Once your club approves you as a 1st claim member, you will get an email confirming your affiliation, which will also include a unique voucher code that enables you to affiliate to the other league for free.