South East Road Race League

Rules - 2020

Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

  • The committee adopts the British Cycling Policy on the protection of children and vulnerable adults to ensure that the appropriate standards are maintained across the sport of cycling.


For 2020 SERRL will operate in partnership with the Surrey Cycle Racing League, meaning that riders and club who affiliate to either league will also be affiliated to the other one. Paying just one fee and only having to organise their two events across both leagues.

Any club can affiliate to the South East Road Race League provided that:

  • Each club/team promotes 2 events.
  • Each club/team appoints an Organiser for each event promoted.
  • Each club/team appoints a Club Representative who shall be responsible for the generally liaising between their riders and the League.
  • Each club/team has a member who is a commissaire or appoints a member to train as a Commissaire.
  • Each club/team has a member who is an Accredited Marshal or appoints a member to train as an Accredited Marshal.
  • Each club/team pays an affiliation fee of £60.00
  • If a club/team has 3 or more riders riding League events, that club/team must join the League

Any rider can affiliate to the South East Road Race League provided that:

  • Each rider is a member of the British Cycling Federation.
  • Each rider is a first claim member of a SERRL or Surrey Cycle Racing League-affiliated club/team.
  • Each rider has filled out a SERRL or Surrey Cycle Racing League online membership form and joined online.
  • Each rider has supplied SERRL or the Surrey Cycle Racing League with a passport-sized photo of him/herself.
  • Each rider has paid the SERRL or Surrey Cycle Racing League affiliation fee.

Private Members and Day Members will be permitted to ride South East Road Race League events provided that:

  • Each rider is a member of British Cycling or has taken out a day license.
  • Private members can only enter events 21 days or less in advance or on the day.
  • Day members can on enter events on the day.

Other Information:

  • BC points are available at all League events.
  • SERRL events do not count toward the Surrey Cycle Racing League points competitions and prize money.
  • SERRL events will have their own prize list which will be presented on the day.
  • SERRL events will carry points toward their season long team and individual trophies.

Organising Races

  • Each affiliating club must organise two races. Click HERE for details


  • All entries will be done online via www.riderhq.com
  •  Pre-entry for League Races shall be restricted to Registered Riders until 21 days to go.
  • Each Affiliated Rider shall be entitled to pre-enter any road event up to 2 months in advance.
  • Any rider requesting a refund for their entry fee within 21 days of the event may be charged a % of the entry fee as a handling fee.
  • A rider may transfer his entry to another League event that has available space at any time.
  • Riders who have entered in advance but have not signed on may be replaced by other riders 20 minutes before the Start.
  • Further vacancies caused by either non-starters or short entry shall be filled by any other Registered Rider (£20.00), or a Non-Registered Rider (£25.00) on a first come first served basis. The Organiser shall be responsible for collecting this and remitting it to the League.
  • Those wishing to claim an entry on the line must ensure that the Signing-on Clerk has their Licence, Registration Card and Entry Fee before the 20-minute deadline.
  • Riders shall compete in their Registered Club Jersey and their clothes shall be free from unauthorised advertising.
  • Registered Riders over 40 years of age must ride in their own ability category.
  • 1st category veteran riders from affiliated clubs are permitted to ride 2nd category events.
  • Juniors may ride League Events in their own ability category.
  • Racing Riders who are behind the main field with one lap to go will be withdrawn only by the Chief Judge or Commissaire. They are deemed to have finished and they will be placed according to their position on the road. Riders who stop of their volition are deemed to have abandoned the race and are not placed. 
  • All races will have a closing date 2 days before the event.
  • A maximum of 5 riders per club will be allowed per race unless a full field of affiliated riders has not been reached.
  • Riders will be able to enter on the day on a first come first served basis if space permits.
  • Non-affiliated riders will be allowed to enter 21 days before the race, but priority will be given to affiliated riders. They will also have to pay the higher entry fee. Non affiliated riders may also enter on the day.

Winding Up

In the event of the South East Road race League disbanding, all assets and liabilities shall be taken over by the trustees for a period of not less than five years.

The trustees being the chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer at the time of disbandment.

If at the end of this period, the South East Road Race League has not reformed, the net assets shall  be donated towards a trophy for an annual cycling competition and/or to a local charity at the discretion of the trustees.