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South East Road Race League
Club race procedures

Procedures for organizing a Surrey League or South East Road Race League Road race

1.       Contact Glyn Durrant (SL), Alan Denman (SERRL) for a suitable date and course.

Once a date is confirmed your responsibilities are:

1.       Booking a hall for HQ (The Leagues will pay for this but we need a receipt)

2.       Putting out pre-race notices of event around course (7 to 10 days before the event)

3.       Making a regular inspection of the course for road works etc.

4.       Collecting race equipment (This is stored with Glyn Durrant, Craig Wilson or Alan Denman)

a.       Race numbers

b.       Caution signs

c.                  Direction arrows

d.       Flashing lights for top of lead cars and Commissaire’s cars.

e.       Radios for all cars in the convoy and finish line

f.                   Lap board

g.       Flags

h.       Bell

5.       Putting out race signs in accordance with the risk assessment (a copy will be sent to you)

6.       Returning race signs

7.       Organizing marshals (minimum as per the risk assessment)

8.       Organizing two lead cars

9.       Organizing a car and driver or a note taker for the Commissaire

10.   Organizing a car and driver or a note taker for the Assistant Commissaire

11.   Organizing a neutral service car (optional for one day events, required for stage races).

12.   Filling in and sending to BC the Vehicle Registration Form.

13.   Organizing 3 – 5 judges for the finish

14.   Doing a specific risk assessment of the course on the day

15.   Collating a full result

16.   Email a full result to the Surrey League

17.   Post signing on sheets back to the Surrey League

18.   Refreshments

The Leagues will organize the following:

1.       Advising the Police of the event

2.       Registering the event with British Cycling

3.       Organising a permit that will be sent to you

4.       Organizing an insurance certificate if you require one.

5.       Doing a generic risk assessment of the course to be used (a copy will be sent to you)

6.       Booking & paying for NEG

7.       Booking & paying for First Aid

8.       Booking & paying for a Commissaire

9.       Booking & paying for an Assistant Commissaire

10.   Setting up on-line entry

11.   Collating signing on sheets

12.   E-mailing you signing on sheets

13.   Once received, sending result to British Cycling