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South East Road Race League

2019 Season Issues

The league has reached a worrying situation for the 2019 season. We find ourselves in a position of concern as to how many of this seasons races will be able to be run.

So far, as we feared, affiliations are down, meaning we are in serious risk of races not being able to be run. Entries to events are also seriously down, meaning that we do not have any disposable entry income to be able to draft in paid volunteer help.

We have taken the decision of making a call on whether each race will go ahead two weeks prior to each event.  This will be based on whether we have enough entrants, volunteers, commissaries and AMS (if applicable). This window we hope will give us at least some chance of cancelling any booked services and venues and also give riders the chance to possibly find an alternative event to ride.

Lack of Affiliated Riders:-

·         SERRL have been very concerned about the lack of cover for AMS events in our region, especially in Kent, where the police will not allow races without them. This has meant that we have had to put a lot of our events on courses outside of Kent. This has caused following problems for the League:-

1.       It has meant that many more volunteers are required as events have to be run with red flag marshals only, often taking the marshal count from 5 or 6 to  15 – 20.

2.       As the majority of the affiliated riders have historically come from Kent and SE London, the attraction of affiliating to the league and volunteering to events has been lessened.

3.       Having more events outside of Kent, although having made the league more attractive to other riders in the region, they are faced with the reality of having to volunteer twice for SERRL and twice for Surrey League.  SERRL is running the risk of becoming the same as Surrey League geographically.

Lack of Entries to Races:-

·         Entries have been down so far for races. Possible reasons for this are:

1.       We decided to have a bigger difference in the cost of entry fee between affiliated and non affiliated riders in an attempt to make it more attractive to affiliate. It looks like the higher entry fee for non affiliated riders is putting people off entering.

2.       We changed to introducing a date restriction on when non affiliated riders could pre enter.