South East Road Race League


The organistion shall be known as the 'South East Road Race League' hereinafter reffered to as the League.

The aim of the league shall be to encourage road race promotion in the South East region.

The League may affiliate to any other body in order to further it's aims.

The league shall consist of affiliated clubs who shall each be required to promote at least one event in accordance with British Cycling Rules & Regulations.

An annually elected committee, who shall be free to co-opt others to assist them, shall manage the affairs of the League.

This constitution may only be altered by a 2/3 majority of those present at a general meeting, called after 21 days to all affiliated clubs.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • The League will hold and AGM in every calendar year (usually November) and not more than months after the last AGM.
  • The members shall elect a committee including a chair, administrator, Treasurer and Secretary to serve until the next AGM.
  • The treasurer will produce accounts for the League for the latest financial year audited as the League shall decide.
  • The committee will present a report on the leagues activities since the previous AGM.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

  • An EGM shall be called by the Secretary within 14 days of a request to that effect from the committee or on the written request of not less than 5 members, signed by them.
  • Such an EGMshall be held not less than 14 days or more than 21 days notice at a place decided upon by the committee or in default by the chair.

Protection of Childern and Vulnerable Adults

  • The committee adopts the British Cycling Policy on the protestion of children and vulnerable adults to ensure that the appropiate standards are maintained across the sport of cycling.

Affiliation of Clubs/Teams

  • Affiliation is open to any clubs/teams registered in the British Cycling South East Region.
  • Affiliation is only open to clubs/teams who are members of British Cycling.
  • Each club/team is required to provide the League with full contact details of their club/team League representative.
  • Each club/team must pay the League the yearly affiliation fee to be classed as affiliated.
  • The club/team affiliation fee for 2017 will be £60.00 per club/team.

Individual Membership

  • Individual membership is open to any rider who is a 1st claim member of a League affiliated club/team.
  • Each individual member must pay the individual affilation fee to be classed as a member.
  • British Cycling Private members may affiliate to the League for one season only. 
  • The individual affiliation fee for 2017 will be £30.00

Organising Races

  • Each club/team must appoint a representative to co-ordinate volunteers , ensuring that official duties are fulfilled on the day of the event.
  • Each club shall provide volunteers to meet the events risk assessment requirements for one event.
  • If a club fails to meet the organising responsibilities, they will be removed from the League.
  • Each British Cycling Private member is required to volunteer at two events prior to being allowed to compete in league races.
  • The league will provide all the equipment required to run the events.
  • The league store all the equipment and be responsible for the safe keeping of it.
  • The club/team representative will be responsible for the safe keeping of all the equipment from when they sign it out from the League to when it is signed back in to the League.
  • The league will be responsible for judging results at each race.
  • The league will be responsible for co-ordinating the season long series standings.
  • Each race will carry league series points which will equate to prize money at the end of the season.
  • The league will liase with British Cycling to register the events and obtain permits and insurance cover and police approval for courses.
  • The League will book all race HQ's, NEG's and pay all officials expenses on the day.


  • All entries will be done online via www.britishcycling.org.uk
  • All races will have a closing date 10 days before the event.
  • If the event is oversubscribed when entries have closed, the League race adminstrator will select the field from the entries based on category, BC ranking points and quality of race results. The League reserve the right to use reasonable discretion when selecting fields.
  • A maximum of 5 riders per club will be allowed per race unless a full field has not been reached.
  • Riders will be able to enter on the day on a first come first served basis if space permits.
  • Non affiliated riders will be allowed to enter, but priority will be given to affiliated riders. They will also have to pay the EOL entry fee even if entered in advance. Non affiliated riders may also enter on the day if space permits.
  • Entry fees for 2017 will be £20.00 per one day race in advance and £25 per one day race on the day. Entry fee for the 3 day stage race will be £60.00 in advance and £75.00 on the day.

Conduct of Events

  • The British Cycling Rules & Regulations will apply to all league races.
  • Riders shall compete in club kit in all League races.
  • If the organisor fails to satidfy the cheif commissaire that all points are adequately marshalled and all other volunteers are in place, riders who are entered drom the assisting club will not be permitted to race.


  • The Financial year shall be from 1st October to 30th September.
  • Day to day finances to be carried out by the League administrator.
  • Acconting responsibilities to be carried out by an appointed independant form of accounts.
  • All cheques are co signed by the chairman and the administrator.
  • All accounting is finalised after each event and forwarded to the accountants.

Winding Up

  • In the event of the South East Road race League disbanding, all assets and liabilities shall be taken over by the trustees for a period of not less than five years.
  • The trustees being the chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer at the time of disbandment.
  • If at the end of this period, the South East Road Race League has not reformed, the net assets shall donated towards a trophy for an annual cycling competition and/or to a local charity at the discretion of the trustees.